OUR MISSION | To make the planet a little sweeter by creating celebratory moments with each sweet we serve.

OUR VISION | To have a positive impact on the lives of our employees, guests, vendors and the community by being the best at everything we do from baking to guest service.

Kara’s Cupcakes, cakes and sweet treats are made by hand each day, in small batches, using the finest ingredients sourced from local, sustainable and organic producers in the Bay Area. We proudly serve artisan treats that have been baked within hours, if not minutes, for your enjoyment.

farm to oven

Kara’s Cupcakes’ farm to oven philosophy is practiced in our daily baking ritual. We maintain close relationships with local producers who supply our ingredients including Petaluma Farm’s fresh eggs, Giustos Flour, and salt harvested right from the San Francisco Bay!

On weekends, Kara travels to Bay Area farmers markets to hand-pick ingredients like strawberries from small, local farmer, Polie Yerena, of Yerena Farms. These organic strawberries are hulled, diced and slowly simmered to make our seasonal, organic strawberry cream cupcake – a Guest favorite!

Kara and her team of dedicated pastry chefs take time to zest and squeeze fragrant organic lemons for our lemon curd cupcakes. We sweetly sift, whisk, and fold Petaluma Farm’s fresh pullet eggs into our famous cake batters to create the perfect artisan treat sought after by dessert lovers all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

We believe in sourcing the finest ingredients from local vendors.