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cupcake packages

Sweet gift packages beautifully wrapped in Kara’s Cupcakes signature pink box – perfect for every celebration.

VALENTINE DOZEN | $42A sweet dozen box of our most popular flavors – sweet vanilla, sweet chocolate, red velvet and flour de sel decorated with festive hearts.
SWEET PACKAGE | $14A selection of four, lovely cupcakes that will make you swoon. Presented in a custom pink box adorned with Kara’s Cupcakes signature wrapping and sealed with our signature sticker.
KARA’S CHOICE | $42 (REG) $27 (MINI)A dozen regular cupcakes selected by our cupcake ambassadors based on daily specials and kara’s favorites. Available in regular or mini cupcakes.
MILK & CUPCAKES | $92Two dozen gift-wrapped cupcakes with a glass bottle of fresh organic milk in a cute gift package.
BABY GIFT DOZEN | $42A dozen regular cupcakes adorned with custom baby theme decorations. Choose teddy bears, baby bottle, or baby carriage in pastel pink or blue. Includes a complimentary note card.
SINGLE BOX | $4Individually boxed cupcakes are a special treat for guests at corporate events or as a wedding / party favor. Cupcake with box is $4.

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